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Team Registrations
June 2022 Walkathon

Team Information Submission Form

Welcome to MACGV Team Information Submission Form. Please provide answers to the following questions to get your team registered in the June 2022 MACGV Walkathon and get team exclusive discounts.

01 Team Information

Tell us a little about your Team

02 Team Captain Information

Team Captain is a person who leads & registers the team

Please note that Teams under 10 Members are not subject to discounts; hence not allowed to submit this form

This form no longer accepts submissions.

Team Registration 
Made Easy!

Step 01

Register your Team on Team Information Submission Form

Step 02

Get your Application Approved by our Team 

Step 03

Get Discount Coupon Code on Inbox

Step 04

Avail Discount by Applying Coupon at Checkout

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