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Based in the Minnesota area, Mothers Against Community Gun Violence (MACGV) dedication is to end the silence on community gun violence in our neighborhoods.

MACGV was initially founded by a mother who lost her daughter to community gun violence, which turned into a national movement of peace walking throughout the streets calling on communities of color to say something when they see something that does not align with the safety of our communities.

MACGV has established an education and advocacy group that emanates unity and inclusiveness. Over the years, we've seen violence plague our neighborhoods and leave families behind to live in the aftermath of senseless death and crime.

We strive to take actionable steps to stop the murder of our children, assuring they have full productive lives. Our outreach program includes addressing community trauma from senseless acts of gun violence, preventive community gun violence education, advocating for gun control policy, gun violence awareness, and neighborhood strengthening events.

In our ranks, we have motivational speakers, political activists, esteemed guests, and community members looking to set the infrastructure. Let's unite as one and make our communities safe together!

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Our goal is to raise awareness, promote prevention, and ensure public safety in order to reduce gun violence deaths and injuries across both the state and country.



To build infrastructure in our communities, where violence is not an option. MACGV strives to fight community gun violence by promoting leadership, education for at-risk children and their families, and supportive services that help families affected by and living with the loss of a loved one through homicide.



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