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A trial is a structured process where the facts of a case are presented to a jury, and they decide if the defendant is guilty or not guilty of the charge offered. The prosecutor uses witnesses and evidence to prove that the defendant committed the crime(s) during the trial. What if you are a parent or a family member who is going through an unimaginable unexpected murder trial for your loved one, and the process is entirely scary, overwhelmingly intimidating, foreign, and you feel lost on how to begin to understand or advocate for your love one who is no longer here; how do you be their voice? This Judicial Workshop will provide basic knowledge on the trial procedure to help encourage and empower victims' families who may feel or have felt powerless going through the murder trial of their loved one. We encourage you to contact MACGV for more details. 

Workshop registration is closed, the event is full.
December 4, 2021
Victims Mothers Advocacy  Workshop



The Victims Mothers Advocacy Toolkit Workshop consists of a one-day program where participants learn to unleash their power advocating for their children murdered by the horrific act of community gun violence. The victim's mothers will gain the skills to present their stories to elected officials and advocate for policy change. We are offering an optional one-hour virtual refresher course to anyone who wants a little extra practice before their scheduled visits with lawmakers—second half-day training for the first program graduates interested in giving public testimony at legislative hearings.

Coming 2022  
Judicial Advocacy  Workshop
Understanding My Love One's Trial Process

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