• Stephanie Gregory

    Charlotte, NC

    Unfortunately, I lost my only biological son, Stephon White 3 yrs & 7 months ago to community gun violence here in Charlotte, NC. This loss has completely changed me forever and the only thing that has gotten me through is my unwavering faith in God. Nia Black the founder's daughter who lost her life to community gun violence in Minnesota was Stephon's childhood best friend when the Blacks lived in North Carolina.

    Nia became like a daughter to me. Her love and loyalty for my son were unbelievable and heaven-sent. She made it her business to constantly check in on me via text, or phone call. Hearing of Nia's untimely death broke my heart once again, but Nia's and Stephon's earthly bond for each other only brought our families that much closer. MACGV is a cause that I am strongly advocating for and as a community, we can only make a change for the better by continuing to speak out and fight against violence.

  • Patrice "Candice" Swingler

    Minneapolis, MN

    I'm Patrice "Candice" and a devastating loss hit my family and left the closet person to Nia with the impression that the only way to move in this world was to fight. Fight for justice and fight for peace in our communities. Therefore, I can't stand aside and be silent. My silence will no longer enable the perpetrators that upheaval our communities.


    I decided to be apart of the solution by speaking out Against Community Gun Violence. As a result, I picked up the mantle of Community and Event Coordinator for MACGV. My passion for serving others and wanting to make a difference; landed me here.

  • Brittany Yearwood


    As Nia’s best friend, joining this team was a no-brainer. Through life or death, Brittany always wanted what’s best for her friend. Bringing her tech-savvy skills to the team, Brittany is apart of the social media division where she contributes to graphic design, advertisements, and overall reminding people of who Nia was. “I want people to know who my best friend is. We have to remind people of how sweet and caring she was on this Earth. She deserves justice. Nia Black DESERVES justice!”

  • Danielle Jones

    Minneapolis, MN

    Hello, I'm Danielle a school teacher who has worked with families for the last twenty years, and I LOVE IT! I didn't start out to become a school teacher my journey began by going to school for business management, however, after working one summer with the youth I was hooked and never looked back. I am a part of MACGV because LaTanya and I met in the 7th grade and she is my family. As a sister, I will stand, peace walk, pray, carry signs, door knock, and do whatever it takes to fight for the safety of our children and families in our communities.

  • Ladonna Charles

    Chicago, Ill

    Hello, I was born and raised on the west side of the city Austin community. Being a teen mother I've been concerned in the past decade more and more about the violent crimes in the community. School's being closed and programs losing funding in the brown and black communities have caused a spike in gun violence. Being a safety transportation director for school districts outside of Chicago I work one on one with parents with special needs and low-income families where I also volunteer with Hope House ministry in the Lawndale community with men and women who are trying to get their lives back on track. I also help my community recover from years of poverty and violent crimes in one of the hardest-hit poor communities in the city.

  • Aarica Coleman

    (Maple Grove, MN

    Aarica L. Coleman is a mother, community advocate, small business owner, and policy analyst. Aarica has over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors of real estate, including housing and economic development, and finance. Aarica is intentional about educating and advancing equity in all facets of real estate and policy. Led by passion and commitment for social and reparative justice, Aarica specializes in socio-economic sustainability factors with communities that are marginalized and structurally disenfranchised. As co-host of Trill Moms Podcast, she uses her platform to bring awareness to the disparities that affect Black maternal health, child-rearing, and overall health, wellness, and stability.

  • Theresa Marshall

    Washington, DC/Laurel, MD

    Theresa has been ensuring the civil rights of others since 1994 when she began her employment with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission working in the Minneapolis, MN Area Office, and the Washington, DC Headquarters. As an EEO Specialist and Federal Investigator, Theresa is responsible for enforcing employment laws covered under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Theresa has received an EEOC Chairman's Organizational Award for exemplary teamwork and outstanding contributions to the Agency's mission for processing over 800 private sector EEO complaints and resolving over 55 EEO cases. She also received an award for diligent performance of duties and exceptional work habits under stressful working conditions, while simultaneously maintaining composure and a friendly manner towards colleagues and the public. As a woman of color and mother of a young Black woman, Theresa is dedicated to the preservation of women's rights.