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MACGV Attends and Supports Transformative Circle Multicultural Night to Unite Event!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Transformative Circle shares, the face of Coon Rapids and surrounding communities is changing. We are rapidly becoming a city of diverse cultures and religions. While this new diversity makes Coon Rapids a much more interesting city to live in and is a strength, is it can also be challenging to bring the community together and ensure support for all.

In 2017, Transformative Circle took the Coon Rapids Police Department’s theme “Building Strength through Unity” to heart by sponsoring the city’s first “Multicultural Night to Unite” gathering in Coon Rapids on August 1st.

Multicultural Night to Unite has grown to include food, information and fun, and since the Kickoff event is on Monday August 2, 2022, the entire city can participate!

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