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MACGV Cooper High Internship

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The Mothers Against Community Gun Violence (MACGV) Cooper High School Internship Program is a 12-week program that provides an opportunity for high school students to work with a non-profit organization. Students will learn about the different aspects of gun violence prevention: Community organizing, policy work, and public safety.


Students will experience the rewarding value of being a part of the change they want to see in MN communities!

Services you can support MACGV with

We look forward to welcoming you to MACGV as interns! We believe that your participation in our program will not only help you gain valuable work experience but also provide us with fresh perspectives and ideas.

We will do our best to assign you to specific services of interest and qualifications. Here are areas of service you will be working on:

Advocacy & Education

Send thank you cards to collaborators

Policy Work

Event Set-up and break down

MACGV's NOT ON MY BLOCK Public Safety Walkathon

And Much More!

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