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MACGV goes to House Public Safety finance & Policy Committee at Minnesota House of Representatives

LaTanya Black, founder of Mothers Against Community Gun Violence, testifies before the House Public Safety finance and Policy Committee Jan. 19 in support of HF25, sponsored by Rep. Cedrick Frazier, right. (Photo by Andrew VonBank)

The bill takes “an innovative and multi-faceted approach … for the reduction, intervention, and prevention of crime,” Frazier said. There is also money to increase funding for more traditional law enforcement roles that have been successful.

The House Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee approved the bill, as amended, Thursday and sent it to the House Ways and Means Committee.

The bill proposes a one-time appropriation of $280 million in fiscal year 2023:

  • $205 million to the Office of Justice Programs: $150 million to fund grants to community groups for crime and violence prevention and intervention and $55 million to help local law enforcement agencies establish mental health crisis response teams; and

  • $75 million to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to continue to partner with local jurisdictions to investigate violent crimes.

In addition, the BCA would get $10 million in the 2024-25 biennium to expand the work of its Use of Force Investigations Unit.

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Lawmakers advance bill seeking $280 million to fund ‘innovative’ crime prevention programs

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