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As you may know, gun violence is once again on the rise in communities across the United States and Mothers and fathers throughout the country are losing their children at an alarming rate. I am one of those mothers. As a country, we must do more to reduce community gun violence.


Black Americans are more than ten times more likely to be murdered by firearm than their White counterparts. Over the past decade (2010-2019), 71,994 Black Americans died by firearm homicide.


The trauma of community gun violence extends beyond those who are directly injured by shootings to those in the community who are exposed indirectly as a witness. Those indirectly and directly impacted by community gun violence experience lasting impacts on health and wellbeing.


Mothers Against Community Gun Violence (MACGV) is a national movement. We hold Peace Walks to bring attention to the national issue of gun violence, we support grieving families, and we push for policies and laws that focus on community education and preventing gun violence.


We offer wrap-around programming, all year long, that includes Restorative Yoga for the body – to address the internalized trauma of violently losing a loved one – and culturally sensitive support groups for grieving mothers, siblings, and youth, all facilitated by trained and licensed professionals.


To continue to expand our efforts and help our organization grow, we need your support

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Use the button below to donate safely and securely through ActBlue, and help us keep our communities and children safe from the violent act of community gun violence.

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