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Makeup Masterclass


In Honor Of Nia "Brooklyn" Black
Facilitator: Melissa Jones
Hosted by:
      Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Minneapolis  
Flyer The Art Of Melanin.png

Melanin skin is beautiful skin, yet how often do you find that, as a consumer, the shelves are bare and uninspiring, or that professional and realistic tips & tricks are missing from your news feeds? Created by professional makeup artist & cosmetologist Nia "Brooklyn" Black, and facilitated by an expert, Melissa Jones, this makeup masterclass, The Art of Melanin, will arm you with the tools you need to create and perfect makeup for all melanin skins.

You will learn about the journey and history of the frustrations of being a consumer that is not represented in stores or advertising and celebrate the uprising of people of color and their diverse tones. The Art of Melanin masterclass uses a combination of education, theory, and live demonstrations to share with you how best to care for and use the right cosmetics with individual skin tones to create the right aesthetic for you and your clients.

The Art of Melanin is ideal for students and professionals alike, providing a comprehensive review of products currently available on the market and the opportunity to adopt professional techniques to achieve and celebrate radiant and rich skins, regardless of color.


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