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Our Professional Holistic Partners

Holistic Approach To Healing The Mind, Body, And Spirit For Gun Violence Victim Families & Survivors

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The Yoga Room

The Yoga Room and Mothers Against Community Gun Violence have partnered to bring Restorative Yoga to community members living with the internalized trauma of losing a loved one to community gun violence. It is well established that trauma and stress are not just mental constructs but exist in the body. Restorative Yoga poses support embodied awareness and focuses on the breath, enhancing an overall sense of well-being. Calmness and ease are emphasized in this practice to evoke the relaxation response, which aids in healing and restoration for the body. This yoga class offers gun violence victim mothers and siblings a self-care practice that supports stress reduction and aid in their journey of recovering from trauma.



Arubah’s new restoration partnership with Mother’s Against Community Gun Violence provides yet another opportunity to address the needs of a commonly unseen or unaddressed population. We provide mental and emotional health services to support these parents to address the trauma they’ve experienced due to the traumatic loss of their child. We seek individual, family, and community restoration and have partnered with MACGV on their journey to address the needs of this hurting population in our community. Our mission is to make mental health services ACCESSIBLE to ALL. We do this by meeting you where you are, prioritizing your convenience and your comfort. We always take a holistic and personalized approach to ensure we meet the needs of each individual.

Mia Bremer,

Health & Wellness Coach

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Proverbs Christain Fellowship Church

Proverbs Christian Fellowship (PCF) Church opened its doors and gave Mothers Against Community Gun Violence (MACGV) a place to call home in October 2020, hosting MACGV's first Grieving Mothers Support Group. In their God-ordained partnership, they created a safe space where community mothers who have lost their children to the horrific act of gun violence can come to support one another through their shared life-lived pain. Because of the community response and outpour, PCF Church and MACGV heard their cry and now offer in-person support groups for grieving fathers and mothers who have lost a child to suicide. The PCF facilitators for the support groups are head Pastor Darrell Gillespie, a licensed therapist, and Pastor Michael Bluntson, who lives with the unfortunate loss of his child to the senseless act of community gun violence. These men of God are deeply invested in the community and stand firmly in their mission and principle to "Help Heal God's People." 

Sixteen years ago, a three-year-old boy, playing in his north Minneapolis yard, was killed by stray gunfire. The following week, I rode my bike to his home and stood with strangers, neighbors, and friends who gathered to honor this child and support his mother. In 2021, it was clear that little had changed. Many times this summer, I drove past a billboard with Nia Black's beautiful photo on it. I realized that I needed to stop simply driving by and become a part of the solution against community gun violence because our children, particularly black children in our under-resourced neighborhoods, are paying the price. I am in awe of what LaTanya Black, the founder of MACGV, has accomplished in such a brief time. It is a testament to her mission to be her daughter's voice and create change in her community. I am honored to be a health and wellness coach, working with gun violence victims' families.


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