Money given to MACGV is tax-deductible and will help us combat community gun violence and promote our public safety national movement of Not On My Block.

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 Mothers Against Community Gun Violence (MACGV)

 Mothers Against Community Gun Violence (MACGV) provides community prevention services such as raising public awareness of community gun violence.

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What Brings Us Together?

We come together to reduce community gun violence deaths, and injuries against our children in communities of color, both here in Minnesota as well as nationally

MN Mayor Jacob Frey Stands With Mothers Against Community Gun Violence 


To build infrastructure in our communities, where violence is not an option.

Mothers Against Community Gun Violence (MACGV)

 strives to fight community gun violence by promoting leadership, education for at-risk children and their families, and supportive services to help families affected by and living with the loss of a loved one through homicide.

We work to preserve the lives of our at-risk youth by showing them alternative routes. We tackle the root cause of community gun violence and create opportunities for education and professional growth to foster economic development.

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Our organization is managed by mothers who have lost their children to community gun violence and supported by concerned individuals. Despite the loss and pain of our loved ones, MACGV is committed to mending broken hearts by advocating for communities of color and increasing positive alternatives for life - rather than a path that may take a person's life.



Annual organization and facilitation of community gun violence

"Peace Walks"


We deliver flowers and a card to the funeral home of   grieving mothers suffering a loss from community gun family 


MACGV annual fundraising, community strengthening events and a monthly newsletter

All it takes is stepping up, making a difference, and building the foundation. There are many ways to make a difference. Join an army of regular national mothers who've become extraordinary activists, looking to save the lives of our children, and create opportunities that go into adulthood.


LaTanya Black


Office: (612) 470-7521

Direct: (612) 433-7065

Patrice "Candice" Swingler

Community Engagement Coordinator

Office: (612) 470-7521

Direct: (612) 272-4863

Patrenia Amos

Treasurer and Public Relations

Office: (612) 470-7521

Direct: (612) 290-9364

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